Interactive Animation

Interactive animation

Web or computer based programs can allow interactive 'game-like' environments for learning. These can be virtual laboratories for performing an experimental exercise, or virtual worlds where people are interacting. Interactive animations can also be animated illustrations to help explain difficult subjects, by dividing the information in smaller understandable pieces and show their correlation.


Interactive animations can be used as a tool for learning by helping students understand through visualizing processes or interacting and experimenting with an animation. Animations can support the students conceptualization of a subject because the interactive element make the content easier to comprehend. As an educator you can make computer animations to simulate dynamic content that shows changes over time which make it especially suited for the teaching of processes and procedures. Virtual laboratories makes it possible for students to experiment and train complex procedures in an actual context, that would demand to much ressources in the real world.

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TED video on interactive animation used in Harvard Medical school: - [from 6:50]

An example of an animation of the inner life of a cell:
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