Annotation on Video

Video annotation means creating audio commentary for an existing video clip while drawing on top of a video image. This is useful in order to enhance the pedagogical value of a video.



Annotating videos can be done by yourself with a certain amount of ingenuity and usage of video editing software. You can e.g. record videos of lab experiments with a basic video camera, and subsequently annotate them with speech and also highlighting important parts of the picture. For instance you can draw arrows pointing at details, draw circles to highlight certain elements, and you can even draw schematic information on top. However, we have the hardware in our video studio at DTU to make this difficult task simple. So, you simply put the videos you want to annotate on you laptop, then you book an appointment with our e-learningconsultant Kasper Skårhøj, At our studio, we then connect your laptop to our system, wire you up with a microphone and a digital pen, then we playback the video on your laptop while you draw and speak. Everything is recorded by us, and you will walk home with the video on a USB-stick. 


  • Depending on whether you use a video editing software yourself or book an appointment at our studio.


  • A video played back on a laptop
  • A plan for the relevant commentary (what to say, what to draw)
  • Videohardware to superimpose annotations
  • For creating the video first: Just use a consumer handycam but make sure it's steadily mounted on a tripod if you wish to annotate the video as it plays.

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Enhancing teaching value of selfmade videos

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As shown on the video top of this page, Per Goltermann from DTU Byg has made some great examples of annotation on video, and you can view them here:
25 JUNE 2018