Demonstration on Video

Video recording of an experiment or a demonstration in a studio setting, maybe using several cameras to focus on details. Particularly useful when wanting to show tiny details in experiments. It also enables students to view experiments on video unlimited number of times.



Using videos to demonstrate can take many forms; showing laboratory exercises, making interviews, covering a topic in-depth, or for distance education. 

Experiments in lectures:
Even though including live experiments in lectures certainly make them more lively and dynamic, some things are just too small or fast (or slow!) to really see at a long distance. This problem can be solved by offering a video recording of an experiment. Other factors such as the expenses of carrying out certain experiments or maybe time constraints can also be overcome by using video recording.

Redistribution of resources:
Some things can be communicated on video once and for all (or at least for a number of semesters). Thus, you may consider producing videos as an investment in your course such as lecture notes and other long term materials. Video can help you to redistribute teaching time to important activities such as question/answer sessions, face-2-face time with individual students etc.

Distance education:

Students not present at the lecture can benefit from video material online.



  • Proper preparation of the demonstration
  • The optimal length of a video is 3-5 minutes and it should not be any longer than 15 minutes, so longer topics should be structured into multiple episodes.

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Tiny details visible
  • Available outside the lectures
  • May reduce lecture attendance if they substitute in-lecture experiments

Read more:

DTUbroadcast is a collection of videos (in danish) posted on a sub-channel of Youtube made about different subjects at DTU. You can find videos on a broad range of subjects from branches of study, reports, this years teacher, lectures, PhD presentations etc.

If you have access to DTU intranet (portalen) you will find some guidelines for the design of videos (in danish) here.
25 JUNE 2018