Barco Clickshare

The Barco Clickshare buttons can be used in classrooms or meetings when you want to allow students to easily present material from their own laptop. The clickshare buttons can be used for multiple purposes, eg. students presenting a topic or problem in class or presenting a prototype as part of a design process. It allows for a more seamless transition between presentations. 


The Barco Clickshare buttons are used to wirelessly transfer content from your students' laptop display to the base unit, which will then transfer the content to the screen/projector it is connected to.  

Getting started

You can borrow a box of Clickshares from DTU Library. The box set consists of 1 Clickshare base unit (receiver) and 2 Clickshare buttons. 

When you want to use Clickshare, you first connect the base unit to power and to a screen/projector.

You can use the Clickshare buttons without installing any software:

  • Plug the Clickshare button into your laptop’s USB port (button is blinking white)
  • Browse to My computer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), open Clickshare drive and start the Clickshare application. This does not require admin rights on your computer
  • When button turns white (stops blinking) it is ready to use
  • Click button to display your content (light turns red)




  • Easy transition between presentations


  • May not work on some screens because of differences in resolution, so you are advised to test the setup beforehand
24 AUGUST 2019