Ombea Clickers

Ombea clickers are a student response system which communicate through a USB-stick in the teachers laptop, enabling teachers to poll students at anytime during a class. Clickers are a great way to encourage active participation in a lecture and enhancing interactive learning. A question can be posed during a lecture and every student with a clicker has a voice and the possibility to start a discussion and lively responses on different conceptions of a topic. The clickers have to be handed out to students before a session and collected again afterwards. Clickers are nicely integrated with PowerPoint so a graph of the distribution of votes will be shown on a slide with the question.


The main use scenario for Ombea clickers is to use them for in-class quizzes, where classes up to 30 students corresponds to a single set of clickers, and with the pedagogical objective of making students aware of conceptual conflicts between different conceptions of a topic. Brief quiz sessions in class provides an opportunity for discussions and immediate feedback on difficult parts of a lecture, and anonymous voting will furthermore motivate students to test their understanding and take active part in the lecture.

Getting started

A box set of Ombea clickers (in a small bag) can be borrowed via DTU Library for free via their booking page. It contains 30 ResponsePads/clickers as well as a USB Hub for the teachers laptop that will make it recognize (wireless) each clicker and each vote within a quiz session. For larger classes you can borrow extra box sets and make them work simultaneously. If you dont want to have physical clickers you can use the response apps. DTU have license for 100 simultanious users of the response apps.

To be able to use the OMBEA clicker you have to install OMBEA Response  from OMBEA’s website. Read about the installation and getting started and download LearningLab's guide to using OMBEA clickers. OMBEA software is free and is updated from time to time.

When you want to insert interactive question slides in your PowerPoint presentation, you open up OMBEA Response which will in turn open PowerPoint. You will notice a new tab in the ’ribbon’ in the top of PowerPoint. You are now ready to add questions to your old presentations or make a new presentation.


  • If you want to use the free ResponseApps licenses (so you can vote from any web-connected device) please contact Nina Rathlev Andersen in LearningLab to get a password.


  • PC or Mac
  • A box set of clickers and USB Hub


  • Nice integration with PowerPoint (PC).
  • Independent of laptops and internet connection when using the ResponsePads.
  • Good for activating students in class.
  • Pose and present many different questions types - multiple choice/answers, priority questions, Likert scales and more.


  • You need to reserve and pick-up/return the clickers from the library at Lyngby campus before class.
  • It can be time consuming to distribute and collect clickers in class.
  • The dependency of physical devices (with the ResponsePad) makes it difficult to improvise quiz questions in class when the need arises (to clarify a conceptual issue).

Read more

You can read much more about how to use Ombea clickers here:

Or see video tutorials here:

For inspiration on how to use clickers in the classroom, seethis webpage from Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, University of British Columbia.


Ombea ResponsePads

ResponseApp allows you to vote from any web-connected device

Use the plugin for PowerPoint or the OMBEA Response 360 for e.g. PDF files, online videos or Prezi

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